What Is Wordpress Theme Website And What Are Its Major Benefits?

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Wordpress theme website is an Open Source blogging, or website application, that is easily installed on your web hosting server. To bring this definition closer home, Open Source implies that the Wordpress blog’s application program interface (API) is distributed free of charge. Wordpress is currently one of the most commonly used scripts for blogs and websites primarily because it is free and can be installed with a single click on web hosts with a cPanel access. Hosting for Wordpress sites is available in many hosting companies offering different packages from as low as 7.49 Pounds Sterling to as high as 29.99 Pounds Sterling per month.

Originally, Wordpress was intended to be used for setting up blogs but due to recent improvements and efforts by its programmers to make it a fully “open source” application, it has become a content management system or CMS with an ability to run business websites similar to other CMS applications such as Joomla and Drupal. Wordpress is today a full CMS that anyone can use to build his or her own uniquely designed website.

Ease of use is one factor that has made Wordpress theme website an ideal choice for building your customized website. It is not necessary to have advanced HTML and web design skills to prop up a website or blog using Wordpress. There are thousands of Wordpress pluggins that you can download and install to your site. Most of these plugins are available free of charge or for a low fee and can be used to add functional features to your Wordpress website. For example you can add shopping carts, SEO features, article directories, automated social bookmarking, and membership scripts to your website simply by downloading and installing appropriate plugins.

Benefits of using Wordpress

•You can personalize and make your site unique by installing different types of themes. Wordpress themes are made of a combination of images and web page layouts which make it quite easy to customize your website. You can even add personal features such as a company logo on your web page.

•You do not need HTML knowledge to create, edit, and add blog posts to your web page. Wordpress has the ultimate user-friendly editing interface that functions like a normal word-processing application. Furthermore, the website or blog administrator allows different levels of posting of contents by your visitors.

•Having a Wordpress blog allows you not only to update your site as frequently as you can but also receive feedback and comments from visitors who have subscribed to your blog via RSS. For business website this is an added advantage in maintaining contact with clients. It also helps in improving your search engine ranking since search engines are always on the look-out for new content.

•In comparison with conventional websites, Wordpress sites have a better chance of being spiked by search engines. This is because the brochure-like websites do not allow for constant updates once built. So what is Wordpress websites’ major advantage over the rest? Wordpress sites have advanced SEO features which automatically make them visible to search engines with little or no programming skills from the owner.

Upgrading And Advancing Your Wordpress Theme Website

As the clamor for internet traffic intensifies with emergence of new sites everyday, it has become necessary to seek for consulting, maintenance, and upgrade services to keep your Wordpress website or blog in top form. Knowing what is Wordpress and getting your site up and running is not enough in the face of the existing competition. You might need some help in installing all the relevant features including plugins and widgets if you have a premium Wordpress theme. Alternatively you can use the services of professional companies to optimize your website for search engines.

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