What are some Effective Real Estate Marketing Tools?

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The real estate landscape is consistently changing, causing a shift in the way real estate professionals approach their marketing. The concept of single service marketing has now been replaced with creating a brand, which needs to be approached strategically. Goals and objectives are now a crucial part of having an effective campaign. With technology having such huge footprint, every strategic plan should include the use of real estate marketing tools that address each type of potential or existing customer.

Before you can create an effective marketing plan, you need to understand the concept of a brand. A brand is an imprint that comes to mind when people say your name or mention your company. It is a consistent reminder of who you are and what you represent across a variety of channels. Think of companies like Nike, McDonald’s and Macy’s. Those are brands that have continuously increased in popularity through marketing. Smart real estate professionals know the value of creating a brand to increase equity and gain market share.

Here are some smart real estate marketing tools to assist in developing your brand:

* Logo and professionally designed marketing materials – A logo is an imprint that helps create your brand. Having materials such as business cards and brochures that are attractive and error-free can go a long way in attracting customers.

* Website - Having an online presence is a must. Real estate professionals should have a platform in which to showcase their work, their information, and offer tips. This site should include some form of blog where information and tips can be shared.

* Social Media - A strategic marketing plan should include a variety of social media tactics. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube are all great ways to showcase homes for sale, homes that have been sold and to disseminate information. If a seminar is being held, whether it's in the office or online, broadcasting it on Twitter and Facebook will get quick results.

* Flyers - This is a tried and true tactic that will never go out of style, especially for older customers. The key is being inventive and straying away from the norm. Having an incentive on the flyer will be sure to attract phone calls, and a nice design with photos will make it worth keeping. Bus benches and billboards are still very effective strategies for getting clients as well. Tactics that have always

worked well should always be incorporated into your marketing plan.

* Networking - Forging partnerships with other firms and real estate agents is good business and can help you seal the deal. Other professionals appreciate it when you're open to lending a hand - you never know when you will need the assistance of someone else in the future. Always keep those doors open.

* Word-of-mouth - This is the most effective strategy that will never go away. You cannot pay for a great recommendation. This comes from how you treat people and show how much you are willing to go the extra mile.

Incorporating these tools into your marketing plan will help create a noteworthy brand that will help attract the clientele you desire and establish your position as a professional in the field.

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