Are there repairs I should avoid when rehabbing investment homes?

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Selling a rehabbed investment property is an awesome experience. For beginning investors, this often requires sweat equity; however, major renovation projects are best left to professionals, unless the investor is an experienced, skilled tradesman.

Real estate investors who attempt repairs beyond their skill set can cause costly property damage, or worse, fall victim to serious construction injuries. Even if the job appears fine initially, inexperienced workmanship can lead to future mechanical problems and unnecessary litigation. It only takes one bad deal for real estate professionals to question an investor’s integrity.

A few jobs that investors should leave to skilled tradesmen are:

• electrical work

• foundation work

• gas line work

• granite counter installation

• hardwood floor installation, refinishing and repair

• HVAC work

• insulation installs

• moving or removing walls

• plumbing work

• roofing repair and shingling

• other renovations that require special expertise

Veteran craftsmen have the experience and tools to complete sound renovation work. Additionally, a quality contractor will guarantee or warranty their work.

As a new investor, it is wise to build relationships with local skilled craftsmen. In addition to performing top-notch work, these local construction professionals can also help budding real estate moguls avoid zoning violations and fines. For new real estate investors, professional tradesmen are the key to long-term profits, a stellar reputation in the real estate community, and peace of mind.

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