What are important home selling tips?

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Here are some important alternative home selling tips to consider in today’s competitive market that will result in a quick and more profitable sale. In today’s complex market, it is more important than ever to have a competitive strategy to sell your home within a quick amount of time, while at the same time investing as little as possible to sell it.

The most important home selling tip to consider is to obtain the sold and listing prices of similar homes within a close proximity to your home. This will help you to determine an asking price and what you should expect to gain from the sale. It is very important to have a competitive asking price so you can sell within a reasonable amount of time. Listing your home on the high end of your local market could result in lengthy time delays and financial loss.

Gauge the condition of your home and compare it to that of similar homes in the area. Look around your home and try to find improvements that will have the largest impact, but will still be the most budget friendly. For example, paint and some new laminate flooring may have as large of an impact as an expensive kitchen update. Overimprovement of a property can result in a financial loss. In fact, some buyers would prefer to spend less to buy a home without an updated kitchen or bathrooms, because they can save money in the long run updating them to their own personal preferences.


An additional home selling tip is to lower your property tax bill; it is recommended that you appeal the tax bill through your local township before listing your home. Laws have recently changed forcing tax appeal boards to consider distressed sales as part of the local market value. This gives the homeowner stronger evidence to leverage value reduction, which will lower your tax bill. Having a smaller tax bill will make your home more obtainable yielding a larger spectrum of potential buyers.

An optional home selling tip is to add an incentive to the offer price that perhaps you already own, or one that will not cost you a lot of money to obtain. For example, an incentive like a flat screen TV, pool table, or boat that is include in the sale price of the home may help a potential buyer to remember your home after a long day of looking at a market saturated with homes for sale. The buyer could end up focusing on the incentive you're offering rather than the competition. The incentive may also distract the buyer in regards to other points of your home that are not so great. You may take a loss on the incentive, but the cost may be worth it to sell your home.

Trying all of the home selling tips in the world, and hiring the best sales brokers in the area does not always guarantee you an offer. The time your home sits on the market sometimes will just come down to luck, so please take on the endeavor with patience and a positive attitude.

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